The time has come to connect with your Intuition on the deepest level. Become the all-powerful Manifesting Mage you were born to be! No more occasional luck. Learn to deliberately create abundant magic in every moment!

I am here to show you how to master Manifestation so that you can create a life you love!

Welcome, Magical-being! You have arrived here by no coincidence, you are here because you are ready. Ready to stop playing small, and dare to live a life more magical, full of love, freedom, creativity, happiness and adventure than you’ve ever dreamed possible!

Doing this work is my passion! I will show you how to break through the illusion of limitation, empower you to live Intuitively Guided and master Manifestation so that you can deliberately create a life you love beyond your wildest dreams!

I always wanted more than a conventional life. A life of freedom, magic, romance, and epic adventure.

I felt stuck in a reality that was not my big dream. I was perpetually broke, struggling with depression, and consumed by failed relationships and jobs didn’t completely feel “right”. It felt like a vicious cycle I couldn’t break, and the idea of settling felt like a nightmare.

Intuitively, I knew I was destined for a greater, more magical life.

I was right. Now I live a life I am truly in love with! My every day is full of love, adventure, and the deepest soul-fulfillment. And it just keeps getting better, I wake up to more magic, abundance, and blessings than I’ve ever known!


Saturn Return: Lessons in Soul Alchemy

SATURN RETURN: Lessons in Soul Alchemy   I wish you could see the contented smile on my face, the ash and soot on my soul from having emerged from the deep, shadowy, depths of my Saturn Return. Post-celestial journey, I can honestly say I had a super successful Saturn...

11 Signs Your Manifestation Is Materializing

You've set your intention. Your energy is aligned with your desire, you've taken aligned action. Then something unexpected happens... No manifestation yet... (Or so you think.) You somehow completely miss that your magic is working. You feel like it's not...

13 Most Common Untrue Beliefs About Manifestation

Right now the moon is 97% full, and as I type this I am sitting with my fullness. That fullness inspired some truth to share with you all... There's a lot of information about Manifestation out there. Ranging from vague airy-fairy intangible woo concepts, to practical...

I was feeling out of my power, pessimistic, and hopeless in my experience.
There were blocks in place keeping me from feeling that I am capable of shaping my experience and manifesting what I want.
When the session was done, I had a real sense that an energetic shift had occurred. I felt happy and powerful and most importantly I felt a genuine sense of optimism and a renewed faith in the universe’s ability to provide me with an abundant life.

Meagan O'Connor

Licensed Clinical Therapist

Megan has been a lighthouse through a challenging chapter of my life. My Saturn return was very difficult, and I know that Megan was a beacon of light to help me through it.

As an intuitive doubtful of my own abilities, she has helped me gain clarity on various topics and has given me concrete, call-to-action steps to make my dreams a reality. Her wisdom has helped me awaken my own intuition and confidence with this gift.

Megan is amazing! I highly recommend her, you won’t be disappointed. I think she will continue to make a positive impact in my life and the lives of many!

Daphne Watson

Technical Writer, Daphne Watson

As she passed on the messages from my guides so many dots started to connect and I felt like I had clear vision for the first time in a long time.
It was like she was the helping hand to connect me to the divine wisdom that had been trying to get through to me but I just didn’t know how to receive. The floodgates were unlocked and I’ve been flowing so strongly in my truth now!

Lindsey Fowler

Blogger, Free Range Mama

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